April 7th, 2016

We are happy to have recently joined the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA). Okay great, so what? A fair question to ask when confronted with this statement. Well, here’s what. The MIA is a leading trade organisation for motorsport, performance engineering, services and tuning sectors.

As well as representing hundreds of organisations throughout motorsport, they also seek to extend the engineering knowledge and technologies of motorsport to other sectors. This forms a two-way dialogue between related sectors such as marine, aerospace and defence.

The MIA is not an exercise in elbow rubbing with potential business partners, they are proud supporters of educational initiatives including Formula Schools and Formula Student. What with the often cited shortage of engineers looming as an imminent crisis, these initiatives are invaluable.

We continue to advocate and support Greenpower (a great engineering education program), with teams able to make use of Siemens PLM Software while constructing their electric cars. The combination of computer and building skills ensures young people are given experiences that keep their futures as open as possible.


As well as Greenpower, we’re the chosen technical partners of Bloodhound SSC (another MIA member). We provide technical expertise for Bloodhound’s use of NX and Teamcenter. Bloodhound is not just about a land speed record, they are also attempting to inspire future engineers with their exemplary STEM work, mirroring the MIA’s commitment to educational initiatives.

bloodhound infographic 03

We’re hoping to use our expertise and ability to draw on the specialisms of the largest engineering company in Europe, Siemens, to improve engineering and manufacturing sector efficiencies, quality and working practices. Hence our enthusiasm for joining the MIA and the opportunity to be involved with some of the most innovative companies around.