March 11th, 2020

Corona Virus (COVID-19)

As you will be aware the spread of the Coronavirus has now increased in the UK and the risk increased from low to moderate, although the risk to individuals in the UK remains low.

The wellbeing of all our visitors and staff members is our number one priority, whilst our operation continues as normal. We are closely monitoring the situation and following advice from the UK Government.

We are currently taking the following preventive actions:

– The Management Team have met and agreed a response procedure for suspected COVID-19 cases should they present in any of our offices. This will be displayed around the buildings and is attached to this communication.
– If an employee is feeling unwell, whilst still at home, they are advised not to come into the office and seek medical advice by calling NHS number 111. The line manager or HR should be advised.
– If an employee is feeling unwell, whilst in the office, a preventive procedure has been agreed to isolate the employee / visitor and seek medical advice by calling NHS number 111. The line manager or HR should be advised.
– Hand sanitiser bottles will be distributed within the Additional bottles will be available for use on request (from HR)
– Tissues will be provided in communal areas. Boxes for use at work are available on request from HR
– HR should be informed of any non-business travel (taken recently or planned) to high risk
– Latest government advice is being monitored regularly – see here:
– Anyone who believes they are vulnerable due to underlying health conditions should inform HR

All visitors and staff are being asked to follow the current guidelines on maintaining personal hygiene.

We do ask you, as our partner, to make sure that this advice and procedures are shared with any of your employees and/ or contractors that are due to visit any of the OnePLM premises or customer sites.

Do you have a requirement to work away from the office?
A number of Siemens products provide the functionality to borrow a licence from the server for a set period of time. This licence borrow mechanism allows the user to disconnect their computer from the network and continue to use the software. Borrowing a licence reduces the licence count on the server for the period stipulated during the process. Please contact OnePLM support for further information.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact should you have any concern and thank you for collaborating with us in keeping our workforce safe.