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NX CAM Probing Webinar

This webinar is for; All NX CAM users, but more specifically, if you are not yet using on-machine probing and considering doing so, add probing cycle manually to the NC code or use the standard NX probing operations we believe this webinar will be worth your time watching.

The operations can be used for setting of datums or in-process tool offset updates. The operations included as standard are; external corner, internal corner, bore, boss, web, slot, align axis. The operations have been designed so that all moves of the probe can be simulated within the NX operation, in verify and also within G-code simulation of the post processed code using ISV.

The webinar will demonstrate several the above operations and include an example of more complex probing – saving probing values and using logic within the program to update other offsets – all functionality that will be shown to be easily embedded into the NX operation and post processed ready to run on the machine. Download now.


Switching to NX CAM from Fusion 360 Mastercam Solidworks CAM

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