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NX CAM Free Trial Software

The NX CAM free trial offers an extensive range of manufacturing tools to help transform your business practices. The capabilities of NX CAM free trial include 2, 3 and 5-axis milling alongside additive manufacturing such as 3D printing. The powerful NC programming features allows you to program any task using a single system. In addition, the program automation includes PMI driven and feature-based machining that reduces programming time by up to 90%. Produce a high-quality finish product and reduce the time-to-market using mold, die and electrode machining.

The NX CAM free trial software provides exclusive access to the full manufacturing suite. Start transforming your business processes and activate your free trial now!

What Our Clients Say

Product Features


The NX CAM free trial provides a complete turning solution that is easy to use on simple programs and capable enough to tackle your toughest geometry in multi spindle, multi-turret applications. It can use either 2D part profiles or full solid models and includes routines for roughing, multiple pass finishing, grooving, thread cutting and centreline drilling.

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Reduce programming effort by applying specialised 5-axis NC programming operations for complex multi-bladed rotational parts, such as blisks and impellers. Capabilities of this feature includes simultaneous 5-axis, rest milling, hub finishing, blade finishing and splitter finishing.

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Robotic Machining

Automatically create optimised machine programs directly from part design models by using feature-based machining in NX. Feature-based machining (FBM) automatically recognises and programs a wide range of machining feature types including prismatic, turning, wire EDM, colour and attributes.

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Wire EDM

NX Wire EDM programming works from both wireframe and solid models, facilitating the cutting of parts in 2-axis and 4-axis modes. A wide range of wire operations are available, including multi-pass profiling, wire reversing and area removal.

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Hybrid Additive

NX software provides support for new hybrid-manufacturing technologies in which additive manufacturing (3D printing or metal deposition) is incorporated with subtractive (cutting) methods in a traditional machine-tool environment. Capabilities of this feature include decomposition for different build vectors, new additive CAM operations and support for FMG MORI Lasertec Hybrid machines.

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G Code Simulation

NX CAM drives the machine simulation with postprocessed output to take account of any program content provided by the postprocessor. Home positions, special tool change motion and other content can be inserted by the postprocessor, so surprises are minimised by making sure to simulate the posted g-code.

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Resource Library

The Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) manages all of your cutting tool components and assemblies. You can import tool components from catalogues or create your own. The system helps you select components using a guided search to create a 3D assembly that can be used for tool path creation and collision validation in NX CAM free trial software.

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Shop Floor Connect

Shop floor applications are available, including distributed numerical control (DNC), to connect Teamcenter-managed data directly to machine tools. Shop floor tool data management solutions can use plan data and interfaces to equipment such as tool presetters.

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CMM Inspection

NX CMM Inspection Programming enables you to use streamlined workflows to minimise ramp-up time and quickly generate collision-free programs. You can reduce nonconformance and ensure accuracy to design requirements by programming directly on the CAD model.

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Data Management

Data management is integrated into every part of the software throughout both the planning and production stage.

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Process Planner

Through NX CAM free trial software you are able to access one system across all operation sectors for the duration of the planning and production stage. With CAD for part model preparation, tooling and fixture design capabilities, CMM inspection programming and the ability to scale the software to a full Part Manufacturing Solution.

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