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NX CAM Digital Machine Shop Webinar

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The machine shop of the future is here now

As a manufacturing engineer, we understand your days are complex and ever-changing.

Learn how a digital twin can help your manufacturing operation – A data-driven manufacturing environment that seamlessly connects your process, machines, robots, equipment, and all the other elements of your operation.

At OnePLM, our new approach to digitalized manufacturing can boost your operation’s productivity and flexibility. Siemens Industry CAM software can help you create a digital twin, a precise virtual copy of your real physical product, and a production system.

With the right data, at the right time, where it’s needed, your production operation always knows exactly what to make and how to make it most efficiently with available resources. While production runs, data is fed to a digital twin, closing the loop by merging the virtual and physical worlds.

Digital Machine Shop for NX CAM

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can stay competitive with innovative part manufacturing technologies


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