May 16th, 2018

Ensuring a threaded fastener is secured with the right amount of tension by tightening to the correct torque value is just the first step. The ability to verify that point of precision and show how the process was measured is equally important. This is where Norbar’s expertise lies.

In 1943 the North Bar Tool Company became the first commercial manufacturer of torque wrenches in the UK. Now known for innovation in the field of torque control equipment, Norbar Torque Tools has a state-of-the-art factory, still in Banbury, where all the company’s torque products are designed and manufactured.

Norbar recently increased precision and control over its own development process when it established a relationship with OnePLM and began an extensive upgrade of Teamcenter and SiemensNX.

Dereck Bell, Design Engineer, explains: “We had clear ideas about how we wanted to expand our product life cycle management but as we’d been on the same versions of Teamcenter and SiemensNX for several years, we had some concern about the process of upgrading, particularly as we have complex workflows and use custom code for our databases. That is when we began talking to OnePLM.”

Norbar decided to appoint OnePLM as its new PLM partner and undertake a comprehensive upgrade. OnePLM provided training on the new version of NX, took Norbar’s custom code and rewrote it, then created and deployed a test system prior to implementation.

The new system gives Norbar increased functionality and much better control over its range of non-standard products and workflows. “Teamcenter is core to our business and this upgrade feels like a new start,” states Bell. “Previously our ability to change was rather restricted, now we have a slicker system with tighter control over design documents and the potential to manage the engineering change process.”

The software upgrade also allowed the company to install new hardware. “Our PC refresh program had been on hold because we knew that our old software would not run on new computers,” explains Bell. “Now our design engineers have the latest workstations.”

Karl Hopkinson, Technical Manager at OnePLM, said “It’s really important to us that we listen to customers and capture their requirements upfront. Our aim is to address any problems as though we are part of our customer’s business.”

Bell confirms that making the move to OnePLM was justified. “We are all pleased that we made the switch. Throughout the project we’ve had regular reviews, everything was delivered on time and OnePLM’s specialists did exactly what they said they would. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

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