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Mechatronics Concept Designer Factsheet

Reducing the time to go from idea to a real machine by up to 30 percent.

Mechatronics Concept Designer from Siemens Digital Industries Software is specifically designed to speed up the concept design for machine tools. The software enables 3D modeling and simulation of concepts with multibody physics and automation-related behavior typically found in mechatronics products.
The solution supports a new approach for functional machine design. A functional decomposition serves as a common language between disciplines, enabling them to work in parallel from the earliest stages of product development. It also enables the re-use of existing designs.

Using Mechatronics Concept Designer enables you to accelerate the development of products, allowing engineers from different departments to work in parallel, leveraging innovative techniques that help designers meet demands for higher productivity machines, shorter design times, and lower costs.


• Get to market faster by reducing development time up to 30 percent
• Rapidly evaluate machine concepts in a virtual environment
• Enhance collaboration among mechanical, electrical and automation designers
• Build fewer physical prototypes

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