May 20th, 2018

How efficient do you think your CAM system’s toolpath is? Some industry estimates suggest that machine inefficiency could be as high as 50% because parameters such as spindle speed, feed rate, cut depth and cut width typically need to be relatively low in order to cope with peaks of intensity. That leaves the rest of the machine underutilised.

There is a huge difference between the toolpath programming, largely based on manual techniques, that is found in many CAM systems and the latest toolpath technology in VoluMill.

Through complex calculations that identify the most efficient cutting strategy, VoluMill allows machine tools and cutting tools to operate at optimal efficiency. It achieves this by maintaining a consistent tool load and avoiding stops, sharp corners and strong changes in direction.

When there is a consistently even load, tools can cut faster and deeper, with less stress. In this way cycle times are shorter, overall operation is smoother, heat dissipation is more effective and the production capacity of a machine goes up. Better machine capacity means more flexibility, higher output and larger profit margins.

VoluMIll runs both as an integrated element within Siemens NX CAM and as a stand-alone option for rough-milling and rough-turning. CAM-neutral, it can be used on any material and any machine and through a new partnership with Celeritive Technologies, OnePLM is providing this powerful suite of solutions to its customers.

Mark Parry, Managing Director of OnePLM, said “Celeritive has led the way in science-based toolpath technology and has an experienced and knowledgeable development team of designers and engineers. We are delighted to have access to such expertise and enable our customers to become more competitive with the equipment they already have, without the burden of adding further overheads.”

“We’re very pleased to have this opportunity to work with the team at OnePLM,” said Gregory Saisselin, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Celeritive. “OnePLM’s team members clearly do an exceptional job supporting their customers and we are confident that this new partnership will benefit manufacturers throughout the region.”