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At OnePLM we provide our customers with the engineering resources to help build the best team of individuals for their business goals.

From sourcing top-tier graduates to providing training before their new recruit starts, we are on hand to ensure our customers have the diverse skillset and knowledge needed to succeed.

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Purchasing Options at OnePLM

Perpetual Licensing

Our perpetual license for NX Design provides you with the full software suite that you own permanently after one initial purchase. You have access to the entire suite of tools to ensure you have everything you need to achieve your business goals. The software will be available for you to use indefinitely, offering powerful and extensive design capabilities whenever you need them.

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Siemens PLM Perpetual Licensing

Subscription Licensing

Subscriptions offer flexibility, cost-effective licenses, and a way to easily increase or decrease the number of software licenses depending on your business needs. Subscription licensing is ideal for organisations that require software tools for short to medium term usage. For those requiring complete flexibility with their software licensing, this is the perfect solution.

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Siemens PLM subscription Licensing

Rental Licensing

Rental licensing is ideal for organisations requiring access to powerful software for a short period of time or specific project. You have immediate access to Siemens software tools and capabilities that you need to get the job done. We provide the same level of capabilities and expertise with rental licensing to improve innovation and transform your business.

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Siemens PLM Rental Licensing

Token Licensing

Token licensing is a new way for your business to adopt and use NX Design tools in the most cost effective way, all whilst putting the license control and setup into your organisation’s hands.

Your licensing shouldn’t restrict the way you work, that’s why with Token licensing you are able to constantly change your licensing options to fit your budget and business needs, alongside the ability to check in and out of a central pool that you manage. This licensing method is flexible and scalable.

As your business grows and you require access to more tools, you are able to purchase more tokens to access these extra capabilities. Watch this video to find out more.

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Siemens PLM Token Licensing

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