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Human Ergonomics & Factors Webinar

This webinar will provide a demonstration of NX Human Modeling and how the software will simulate how human being interact with your product.

Human Modelling software enables designers to use any 3D CAD models of human beings to explore & verify how people of different sizes will interact with your product designs.

With human modelling integrated into Siemens product design tools, you can develop safer, more functional products that have greater user satisfaction interact with your product designs. Siemens Human modelling software can utilise any 3D CAD data, regardless of your incumbent CAD package.

You can achieve:

  • Simplified, accurate modelling of humans
  • Editing and positioning the human model
  • Comfortable Reach zones
  • & Comfort Assessment



  • Accurate figure dimensions for fit and accommodation studies
  • Task-based whole body posture prediction makes tool easy to use
  • Reach zones are presented graphically and generated based on size of the human figure
  • Seated comfort assessments aid in packaging design
  • Prediction of driver and passenger postures respond to packaging layout, and is fully associative with NX design tools



  • Find ergonomics issues without using physical prototypes
  • Speed comprehensive design validation by including the human early
  • Clearly communicate human related design issues
  • Optimize product designs for ease of use
  • Use human figures to gain a better understanding of part dimensions
  • Employ multiple comfort assessment tools to help differentiate between design concepts


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