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Optimize shapes to achieve design goals

Generative design is a process that determines the most efficient shape based on defined material, constraints and stresses. Also known as topology optimization, generative design takes modeling from “computer-aided” to “computer-driven” – with resulting forms that look very much like nature.

With traditional design, you typically create multiple concepts, then evaluate and optimize one or more, based on your design goals.

With generative design, you start with your design goals, and algorithms automatically generate optimized design options for achieving them.

You can create multiple iterations of designs, identifying options to meet various goals (i.e. weight reduction). The process often results in organic forms similar to those seen in nature.

Design with goals in mind
Generative design is meant to create models that meet your design goals and conform to constraints, with lighter components and minimal material usage. The process can also drive innovation, by breaking through our preconceived notions of what a design should look like and creating shapes that are optimized for purpose. All the user needs to do is guide the software in the workspace – defining fixed points or inputs, loads and materials.

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