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Fibersim Free Trial Software

Fibersim free trial software offers capabilities for analysis and design within the manufacturing environment. This is essential for developing high quality, effective products.

Fibersim free trial allows you to find the most feasible product design through simulation analysis and quickly test validity of each component. As a result, you have complete confidence in your work and the ability to deliver a high-quality product to your consumer. Produce visual renditions of core panels and aesthetically pleasing composite cross-sections for all part shapes, increasing engagement and usability of the software.

Your Fibersim free trial includes all capabilities of the full software, helping you to optimise the performance of lightweight composite structures instantly. Activate your free trial now!

What Our Clients Say

Product Features

Composite Design & Analysis

Using Fibersim as the hub for your composite part design allows for the efficient input of requirements from CAE to create a CAD digital twin that can rapidly react to changes in shape and specification, all while providing a window onto the shop floor to ensure the producibility of your design.

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Design Data Verification

Your Fibersim free trial helps automate the creation of cross sections, annotations, and core samples that are updatable as changes occur, ensuring the design is accurately reflected.

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Detailed Design Definition

Fibersim has the optimal design methodology for your part type. The composite definition can be utilised throughout the business, regardless of what you are designing.

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Preliminary Design

Fibersim’s bi-directional Analysis Interface provides an automated exchange of stress requirements into a CAD digital twin.

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Product Producibility Simulation

Fibersim’s producibility simulation is a production-proven capability to accurate flat patterns and true fiber orientations.

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Manufacturing Definition

Your Fibersim free trial provides advanced tools to account for minimum course limitations of specific machines and the staggering of origins for path planning.

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Manufacturing Definition Detail

Incorporating specifications, including staggered splicing, splice overlap, no-splice regions, and no-dart region, helps automate creation and ensures design and manufacturing requirements are met.

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Manufacturing Documentation & Automation

By repurposing the composite design data already captured in Fibersim, the Documentation module can be used to automate the generation of accurate manufacturing plybooks, ply tables, and 3D data.

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