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Explore Solid Edge 2022 Webinar

Explore Solid Edge 2022 Webinar

This Explore Solid Edge 2022 webinar will focus on the new features and benefits of the latest version of Solid Edge. Siemens are continuing to push the boundaries of product development by leveraging the digital twin.

There have been a number of core enhancements and additions to enable you to transform your product development processes. In this latest release, over 500 enhancement requests have been added and many new additions to core CAD.

New Solid Edge 2022 Features will enable you to:

– Automatically generate new designs based on defined parameters and rules
– Insert files directly into an assembly without the need to translate the file separately, maintaining associativity
– Experience CAM 2.5 axis milling, fully integrated in Solid Edge
– Discover new cloud-based tools enabling colleagues, partners and customers to collaborate with browser-based access – no additional IT needed
– Rapidly open assemblies faster than ever before, plus new component search tools
– Leverage b-rep and mesh geometries in the same model without conversions
– Effortlessly edit the radii of circles in part models with unique radiate command
– Provide high-quality mesh with minimum effort, controlling mesh without the need for parameters.
– Easily model and analyze the fluid and thermal flows in your piping systems, using a process that cuts the time to build a simulation model by up to 90 percent
– Dynamically view and sort assembly parts and components, quickly and easily

All of these new additions and enhancements aim to save you time and cost, allowing you to focus on creating a truly unique and innovative product design.

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