Virtual Commissioning Explored: Live Webinar – Date 2

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Virtual Commissioning Explored: Live Webinar – Date 2

Online Webinar

15 May 2020 - 11:00 - 11:45

Who is it for?

This webinar is for all Engineers and Program/Project managers who play a part in the design and commissioning of electro-mechanical systems.

What is this event about?

Using a digital twin for kinematic machines provides a faster and more flexible way to monitor, analyse and simulate the physical machine, before it has been built.

Global competition and overall pressure on prices means machine builders have to improve their processes gain better efficiency, quality and reduce commissioning times on machine builds.

To enable this, engineering departments need a better way of working, that integrates the mechanical, electrical and control elements of the machine build process in a single environment.

The digital twin for machine builders allows engineers across these different disciplines to simultaneously partake in the design, development, engineering and commissioning of the machine, before the physical machine has been built which gives you greater accuracy and predictability, reducing risk, cost and the need for a physical prototype.

The webinar will demonstrate how quickly and easily you can build and benefit from using digital twin and how virtual commissioning machines can reduce your current commissioning times up to 70%.


  • OnePLM Introduction
  • What is a Digital Twin?
  • Virtual Commissioning – Which Digital Twin should I use?
  • Virtual Commissioning for Kinematic Machines – Why?
  • Creating the Digital Twin for Kinematic Machines – What do I need?
  • Technical Example
  • Summary & OnePLM offering

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What we'll cover in the Webinar


Digital Twin


PLC Control


System simulation

Siemens Polarion Application Lifecycle Management Software

1D Simulation


Requirements Management


System Modelling


Benefits of the Digital Twin

Siemens Polarion Application Lifecycle Management Software

Overview of Industry 4.0

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