Start to simulate with Siemens CAE – Cranfield | Feb 2018 | OnePLM

20 Feb 2018 | 9:30am - 4.30pm

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What is this event about?

During this exclusive workshop, our CAE experts will be sharing their 20+ years of industry expertise, teaching the theory behind CAE with hands-on training examples:

  • The theoretical background to CAE technologies
  • Why adopt a simulation driven design engineering approach
  • Stress, strain, elastic modulus, and other material properties
  • Linear static and Non-linear static examples
  • Contact and joints examples
  • Component optimisation examples
  • Durability/fatigue examples
  • Linear dynamic examples
  • Thermal and CFD examples
  • Model preparation, model setup, boundary conditions and post processing
  • Revising the CAD/CAE model and repeating
  • Starting your FREE 30 day Siemens CAE software trial


Who is it for?

With CAE, you can test your design before going anywhere near a production facility. How will products perform? What impact will high or low temperatures have on the product? How will it perform under intense vibration? Questions like this can be answered, and your design can now be quickly changed and optimised all virtually! This way, the expensive process of physical prototyping is only done when you have confidence in your product.

Interested to learn how to get started with simulation driven design? This event is the perfect time to learn. Our CAE experts will provide industry expertise on how best to use Siemens CAE.


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