Solid Edge: Token Licensing Webinar

17 Aug 2023 | 14:00 - 14:30

Are there Design software tools you would like to use, but they are currently out of reach? Imagine your team having instant access to a pool of extra Engineering licenses such as; Generative Design Pro, Simulation Standard & Advanced, Electrical routing and others, that you can check in and out of whenever you need to use them. Introducing Solid Edge Value Based Licensing – A highly cost effective, flexible and simple way to use Solid Edge. Register now to learn more.

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What is this event about?

Solid Edge: Token Licensing Webinar

With Value based Token Licensing for Solid Edge, your business can:

– Gain access to Engineering licenses in a central software pool
– Work quickly, checking in and out of licenses that your business manages
– Scale your license usage, cost effectively
– Use occasionally needed tools without having to make any separate purchases

In this Solid Edge Token Licensing Capabilities webinar, we will explore token licensing and show you all there is to know about how it works and how your business could benefit from using it.

Available add-ons for Solid Edge include:

XpresRoute, Electrical Routing, PCB Collaboration, Simulation Standard and Advanced, Point Cloud Visualization, Advanced PMI, Generative Design Pro.

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Who is it for?

This webinar is for; All Engineers, Managers, Technical Directors, C-Level Executives and anyone who has an interest or input in product engineering.

Siemens Token Licensing Capabilities


What we'll cover in the Webinar

How Token Licensing works

Token Benefits

Scaling up Licenses

All token licenses currently available in Solid Edge

How to get started

The transitioning process

Future of Tokens

Managing & setup


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