Simulation Driven Design: Optimisation of Strength & Durability

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Simulation Driven Design: Optimisation of Strength & Durability

Online Webinar

18 Mar 2021 - 14:00 - 14:45

Who is it for?

This webinar is for; Designers, Engineering Directors, Managers, Project Managers. Though, the webinar will also be interesting for anyone interested in streamlining business processes.

What is this event about?

The age of Simulation Driven Design is here. Front-loading simulation helps you to synthesise and define better physical designs faster.


Innovative manufacturers are taking advantage of advances in simulation technology and development processes to beat their competitors to market with higher quality, longer lasting products.
Simulation-driven design helps you front-load simulation in your design cycle and shift your development processes further left. This means you can now embed simulation directly into your design environment and processes.

As a user of NX, are you aware of the simulation capabilities that are embedded within your design environment? Please join us on this webinar to learn about Design Simulation in NX and how it can reduce your product development process whilst simultaneously optimising your design.

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What we'll cover in the Webinar


Synchronous Design


Seamless CAD to CAE


Digital Twin

Siemens Polarion Application Lifecycle Management Software

Benefits of the Digital Twin


Analysis set up




Design simulation

Siemens Polarion Application Lifecycle Management Software

Assembly Modelling

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