Siemens PLM UK Automotive Symposium-Solutions for Smarter, Safer, Greener Vehicles

21 Jun 2018 | 09:00am-16.45pm

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We are pleased to invite you to the Siemens PLM UK Automotive Symposium 2018 which will be hosted at The MTC, Coventry on Thursday 21st June 2018.

Faced with changing customer demand, new technologies and innovation, we can set ourselves a strategy to stay ahead of global competition. This strategy has proven successful when digitalisation has been adopted to provide a framework for innovation, decision making and planning.

Digital technologies are transforming the British industry. There is an opportunity for the UK to become one of the world’s most attractive places to create new business with industrial digitalisation.

Companies that make products need to look at how they do this given the demands of customer’s needs – better products, customisation, and sooner.

In this symposium we will explore what the automotive industry can be doing now to address the opportunities around Autonomous driving, light weighting and electrification by adopting Digitalisation.

The journey to fully autonomous vehicles started decades ago with the introduction of options such as ABS, traction control and cruise control. As each new model is launched, more complex systems such as auto breaking, lane tracking and automatic parking are advancing the technology that one day will lead us to driverless vehicles. However, with these systems comes ever increasing complexity, particularly with the interaction of these systems. Without robust processes around systems driven product design, that can simulate these interactions, car designers will find it ever more difficult to ensure on time product launches. To ensure these systems represent the latest technology possible, manufacturers have to be ever more agile in bringing new models to market. This requires a complete digital twin of not just the car, but the whole design, manufacturing and assembly process, All elements of launching the vehicle can be optimised and de-bugged long before the robots start welding. A key element of this optimisation is weight reduction, which leads directly to car performance and economy. Car manufactures have to manage all of this, whilst managing the disruptive challenge of electric vehicles, but is not only changing the paradigm on how people purchase vehicles, is opening the market to new entrants and competition.

Please join the Siemens PLM UK team to learn about the Digital Twin and how to optimise product, process and performance in the automotive industry.

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