Discover NX CAM 5-Axis Machining Webinar

24 Jun 2021 | 14:00 - 14:45

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What is this event about?

NX CAM 5-Axis Machining software provides a complete 5-axis milling package focused on machining any geometry with up to five axes of simultaneous motion. High-speed machining capabilities are provided as part of the full milling package. 5-axis milling provides extensive capabilities for simultaneous multi-axis cutting of complex surfaces, including multiple drive methods with a wide range of tool axis control options. 5-axis surface contouring and a set of tool axis interpolation options facilitate 5-axis machining on the most demanding of parts.

Join our webinar to listen to our industry experts discuss the full features and benefits of NX CAM 5-axis machining and how the Siemens software can transform your business.

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Who is it for?

This webinar is for; Designers, Engineering Directors, Managers, Project Managers. Though, the webinar will also be interesting for anyone interested in streamlining manufacturing and design processes.


Switching to NX CAM from Fusion 360 Mastercam Solidworks CAM

What we'll cover in the Webinar

5-axis tool tip cutting

5-axis roughing

5-axis area patterns

5-axis sward cutting

5-axis user control

5-axis surface area milling with lead/lag


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