Maximising Machine and Plant Efficiency: Live Webinar

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Maximising Machine and Plant Efficiency: Live Webinar

Online Webinar

10 Sep 2020 - 14:00 - 14:45

Who is it for?

This webinar is for all Engineers and Program/Project managers who play a part in the design and commissioning of electro-mechanical systems and for business leaders responsible for the operation of the plant including Technical Directors, Engineering Directors, Managing Directors and Operations Directors.

What is this event about?

Using a digital twin for kinematic machines provides a faster and more flexible way to monitor, analyse and simulate the physical machine or even the plant; before either has been built. It also allows the “as built” digital twin to be used for system virtual enhancements and troubleshooting following production acceptance of the physical model.

Global competition, increased demand for product complexity between mechanical, electrical and software systems means machine builders and plant operators need to change their approach. This is what we will address today. This demand has driven the requirement to integrate the normally disparate fields of mechanical, electrical and control elements of machine design and verification – into a single environment. The digital twin at the level of machine producers through to production plant operations has driven the need for holistic virtual design and then the simulation of that design by combining the different fields in the same environment. This allows commissioning of the virtual machine, before its physical “twin” has even been purchase or built. This modern approach to design and commissioning de-risks the actual commissioning phase and provides greater accuracy, predictability and ultimately reduces costs impact of issues found late in the formal commissioning process. This webinar will demonstrate how quickly and easily you can build and benefit from using digital twin and how virtual commissioning machines can reduce your current commissioning times up to 70%.


  • OnePLM Introduction
  • What is a Digital Twin?
  • Virtual Commissioning – Which Digital Twin should I use?
  • Virtual Commissioning for Kinematic Machines – Why?
  • Walk through of a machine commissioning example.
  • Using the digital twin for Plant simulation.
  • Using Virtual Reality to visualize and help design the plant.

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What we'll cover in the Webinar


Digital Twin


PLC Control


System simulation




System Modelling


Benefits of the Digital Twin


Overview of Industry 4.0

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