Getting started with Solid Edge Technical Publications

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Getting started with Solid Edge Technical Publications

18 Jun 2020 - 11:00 - 11:45

What is this event about?

You spend months and sometimes years developing your product, but nothing can be shipped until the technical documentation is ready. The EU directives are clear on this: “The technical documentation must be available when the product is placed on the market” and “the technical documentation must reflect all versions of the product”.

But all too often, the technical documentation is the last thing you work on and the pressure builds to get it published. Then suddenly there are minor modifications to your product and you have to re-create the documentation in Word processing tools ill-suited to these tasks. And this saps away valuable engineer time better spent on designing and developing genuine IP.

Join our upcoming webinar

The webinar will be on Thursday 18th June – join us to learn how Solid Edge Technical Publications solutions can quickly create everything from simple illustrations for end-user manuals to interactive technical documents for manufacturing and service.

Because these solutions are closely integrated with Solid Edge, designers and engineers can create documentation on their own, reducing the need for specialist technical authors or external services.

We’ll show you how you can work directly with your Solid Edge parts and assemblies, without converting your CAD files to a different format, to create compelling technical publications.

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This webinar, held Thursday 18th June, is part of our Solid Edge Portfolio series.

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This webinar covers the following topics


Quickly create detailed illustrations of your designs


Use animations that communicate how your products work


Best practice for creating comprehensive maintenance manuals


Interactive digital documents for manufacturing work instructions


Publish easy-to-navigate spare parts catalogues

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Huge ROI delivered by reduced labour costs


Get your product to market sooner and boost sales revenue

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