September 1st, 2020

D2H Advanced Technologies are leaders in engineering development and technological innovation. They began as elite engineers and technology specialists in the super-competitive world of pinnacle motorsports.  Today they work in partnerships with global brands to deliver the highest levels of engineering and technology, working across a range of sectors that all require superior quality products, and faster speed to market.

With increasing demand for their services, D2H are always in search of innovative and effective solutions to engineering problems to maintain market leading results.

Through their Siemens Digital Industries Software solution provider, OnePLM, their search for better analytical and optimisation software led them to GRM’s OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D.

“We have had a number of structural composite projects and we have undertaken those analyses and the optimisations in a much more manual approach. As those systems get more complex, an increasingly automated approach to that optimisation would certainly help us and our clients deliver these projects with a much quicker turnaround” 

Matthew Hicks, Engineering Director


Using OptiAssist allows engineers to rapidly deliver high performance, lightweight products within a short timeframe. In the development of OptiAssist, the objective was clear; to deliver a unified optimisation environment for Simcenter 3D users, both for composite laminate development and non-composite applications. Designed by engineers who use optimization to routinely design products, understanding of the need for an intuitive user experience was at the heart of OptiAssist.

We have been looking at the whole market. As a company, we have used other analysis software within the organisation and the fact that OptiAssist dovetails really well with NX was something that our engineers, who have been using it, were really very keen on. Especially concerning how well it dovetailed into NX and the Nastran side of things. As far as they were concerned, it was a ‘slam dunk’ to use it.”


In the coming years, D2H intends to apply OptiAssist to large and complex projects in the fast-paced world of Motorsport where savings in mass and time are the difference between winning and losing. OptiAssist will also be used in other sectors, as mentioned, to ensure optimum output is achieved during the product development phase.

GRM have a great pedigree in Motorsport and a proven track record across elite competition in finding the edge in optimised engineering design. Explore GRM’s offering further by viewing this Simcenter Conference Presentation.

GRM are very proud to have supplied OptiAssist to the Formula 1® Team winning the Driver’s Championship for 15 of the last 16 years.”
Martin Gambling, Managing Director

OnePLM, a Siemens Digital Industries Software Platinum partner and solutions provider for D2H Advanced Technologies, are proud to have worked on this project.

The team at OnePLM have been supporting D2H from the start with their use of NX and is pleased to support the company’s growth over the years. Especially so with the advanced simulation capabilities through Simcenter, and now OptiAssist for Simcenter
Jessica Jones, Account Manager

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The following optimisation solutions are available:

Due to the GRM’s 2 week software development cycle, D2H Advanced Technologies will be at the leading edge in the evolution of OptiAssist. This will provide increasingly refined and updated functionality that will improve both their engineering capability and client satisfaction.

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