February 25th, 2016

There’s nothing like a child’s imagination to bring a smile to your face. Their thoughts often unhindered by worldly concerns and the daunting realities that can come as a consequence. Nowhere is this more evident than the INVENTORS! Project fronted by artist/inventor Dominic Wilcox. This project involved Dominic asking over 450 children, from Sunderland and nearby South Tyneside, to come up inventions of their own. These were drawn by the children and then sent out for manufacture.

The inventions range from wacky to functional and serve to showcase the creativity of children. The project hopes to inspire children to develop their originality of thought using a process most designers are familiar with – from inception of design, then drawing, then communicating the design, and finally manufacture.

The War Avoider

Defending you against the harm involved in war. A raised platform for your house and garden, including pre-planted vegetable patch, that can be driven to safety.

war-avoider war-avoider-1

A Toothpaste Dispensing Toothbrush – ‘Tooth-o-Matic’

Cut out the middle man when brushing your teeth. This toothbrush has toothpaste inside of it, all you need to do is press a button and brush away. Save valuable seconds in the morning and evening.



Simply put – glasses that allow you to see backwards. I don’t know about you, but I have many enemies and with these I would be able to see their every move behind my back.


Tea Spray

It’s the logical conclusion for all tea lovers that are short on time – something we experience more and more. Just spray the canister for an instant hit of the warm caffeine life-giver, but don’t confuse it with your deodorant.

tea-1 tea-2

This is one of the most engaging and smile-inducing STEM projects we’ve seen because of its hands-on nature and the ability to see the inventions as manufactured objects. We tip our hats to Dominic Wilcox (who we saw speaking at Develop3D Live 2015), STEAM Co. and all other contributors to such an inspiring project.