Automotive & Transportation Industry
Provision of NX and ongoing support.

Business challenges

  • Meet the precise requirements of OEM customers
  • Develop innovative designs quickly
  • Work to the exacting standards required to win racecar competitions

Keys to success

  • Design team responds at the high speed demanded by the motorsports industry
  • Engineers quickly establish which components will fit within a car shell
  • Team uses analysis tools for easy design optimization and synchronous technology to expedite engineering changes


  • Everyone works on the same assembly using accurate data
  • Attention to detail and tight tolerances achieved within very short timescales
  • Models modified quickly nd easily
  • NX acts as the backbone to RML’s engineering organization
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High-performance automotive engineering company uses NX to enable innovative automotive design and development


RML use their decades of experience and competitive prowess for powertrain and chassis development as well as concept vehicles and high-performance road and touring cars. Their in-house team has not only designed and developed some of the best performing race engines in the world, but also work for OEMs and specialist automotive suppliers.

The company holds an impressive number of titles for the FIA World Touring Car Championships drivers’ and manufacturers’ titles, in partnership with Chevrolet in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The motorsports industry has high demands that RML must respond to quickly, this means the team must have the design, manufacturing and simulation tools to enable them to be flexible and make amendments in short timeframes.

“NX Has stood us in good stead for a decade and continues to be the backbone of our engineering organisation”

RML use Siemens Digital Industries PLM software to help them stay ahead of the competition and meet consumer needs. NX is used to address its rigorous CAD, CAM and CAE needs and now acts as the backbone of the organisation.

Engineers at RML are taking advantage of the vast range of tools in NX, including those that assist with clearance and geometry analysis of moving parts, such as those used in a vehicle’s suspension. NX has removed ambiguity and uncertainty when working with full car assembly models with automatic, lightweight handling and access to the correct data for everyone in the team. As a result, RML are able to reduce costly errors and design a model with a lot of detail and tight tolerances in a short period of time.

RML’s design team employs the CAD models created using NX to feed the production department. RML do a significant amount of work with sheet metal and by creating flat patterns they are able to laser or waterjet cut the profiles. This significantly reduces the cost of sheet metal parts whilst increasing the accuracy.

By utilising the Siemens Digital Industries software, RML have been able to drive innovation and completely transform their product development processes in order to meet the high demands of the industry and consumers. Take a look at the full case study to find out more.

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