April 22nd, 2021

Supplying the UK & Ireland with Industry Leading Machinery and Outstanding Service

BF Engineering offer British manufactured recycling machinery and maintenance across the UK and Ireland. Founded in 2011, BF Engineering Recycling Services Ltd started out servicing machinery and equipment in the recycling industry and grew quickly, building a strong and loyal customer base.

In 2014, the company took the leap to start designing and manufacturing the recycling machinery themselves. This provided complete control over build quality and delivering peace of mind to the client. As a result, BF Engineering Recycling Services Ltd now offer full turnkey systems for processes for a range of materials from MRF and RDF to wood and batteries. They design and manufacture their own top of the range machinery including:

Single Shaft Shredders

Twin Shaft Shredders

Four Shaft Shredders

Horizontal Grinders


Dosing equipment

Sorting equipment

Storage equipment

As one of the largest British recycling machinery manufacturers, they continue to go from strength to strength. As the world faced a global pandemic during 2020, BF Engineering Recycling Services Ltd were expanding and employed six engineers in nine months.

The company pride themselves on outstanding service for their clients, offering installation and maintenance teams across the UK, seven days a week. BF Engineering understand the costs incurred by their clients when machinery is not working properly. To overcome this, their maintenance and servicing engineers understand the technology in great detail and have the experience and tools to ensure long-term operation for all types of machinery and equipment.

BF Engineering not only offer installation and servicing of their own equipment, but also provide maintenance and servicing for all types of machinery from a wide array of manufacturers. The company has quickly become a household name amongst their growing customer base as a result of their highly experienced and knowledgeable team.

Providing support and servicing for both their own equipment and alternative machinery has given BF Engineering the opportunity to capitalise on the growing market. As organisations and society become more sustainable and conscientious, BF Engineering are enabling their clients to meet market demands and drive towards a circular economy.

A recent announcement from the British Plastic Federation (BPF) gave details on a Recycling Roadmap with a target of reducing plastic going to landfill to 1% by 2030. With the support of organisations like BF Engineering offering industry-leading machinery, this target can become a reality.

Recently, BF Engineering has completed an MRF site that had been damaged by fire. They worked with the client to replace machinery and equipment which consisted of multiple picking stations and conveyors that vary in size, and Eddy Current.

In Glasgow, the team have installed a paper recycling factory with their In-ground Chain Belt Conveying equipment. The state-of-the-art Wolfe CB-1200 chain belt is the best solution for bulk material handling and can be placed in-ground for ease of loading.

Alongside providing clients with these high-quality and effective solutions, 2021 has also bought BF Engineering another recycling system which consists of In-Ground Chain Belt Conveyor’s, a Wolfe 2000 Single shaft Shredder and outfeed conveyors as well as another system shredding Carpet which include two Wolfe TS – 1500 (Twin shaft shredders).

OnePLM have been providing software solutions and support to BF Engineering since 2017. The organisation uses Solid Edge to assist with the creation and manufacturing of their products. Data management, sheet metal, parts and assemblies are all used to ensure the products created are efficient, effective, and meet their client needs. The features and modules of Solid Edge deliver a cohesive design and manufacturing process that ensures up-to-date data is available to mitigate mistakes and save time.

Before implementing Solid Edge into business processes, BF Engineering’s data management practices were inconsistent and time consuming. They were using files with a variation of names and folder structures that were not working effectively. The Siemens software provided a collaborative overview of all data which in turn reduced the time it took to deliver the design to technical drawings for the machines from 7-10 days to just 2 days.

Whilst searching for 3D design software, BF Engineering looked at a range of options but felt the Solid Edge provided a seamless and user-friendly environment alongside a high level of support to ensure the transition ran smoothly. As part of the service provided by OnePLM, our team supplied a detailed overview of the Solid Edge software, how it could be implemented into business processes and various benefits and outcomes. Following installation and integration of Solid Edge into BF Engineering’s processes, the OnePLM team were always on hand to support all users throughout the organisation with training and any further support.

By bringing the design and technical drawing processes in house, Solid Edge has saved BF Engineering tens of thousands a year that was previously spent on contractors. Looking forward, BF Engineering are in discussion to onboard a technical drawing specialist due to continued company growth which will require an additional seat on Solid Edge.